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About Us

LV Bangtan was founded on the #BTSLoveMyself and UNICEF 'For Every Child' campaign. We too are passionate ARMYs as well as lead independent promotors of UNICEF causes. We created LV Bangtan after BTS and UNICEF came into alliance to form #BTSLoveMyself. We now focus on creating and curating BTS merchandise that we believe the ARMY will love in order to promote the 'Love Myself' and 'Love Yourself' message and help drive results for children worldwide.

The Mission

Our mission is to bring more awareness to the Love Myself campaign. We want to help create an impact in the world together with BTS and UNICEF and would like you, the ARMY to join us. 

Our family at LV Bangtan all have a passion and mission to unite ARMYs all over the world and help promote BTS' music and message overseas. Join and help us spread the message 'Love Yourself' throughout the world. 

Proceeds go directly to the #BTSLoveMyself campaign and efforts for expansion and increasing awareness for the campaign.

Learn more about the campaign here

For questions and inquiries, please contact: customerservice@lvbangtan.com
LV Bangtan is not formally affiliated with Big Hit Entertainment or BTS. We are an independent BTS Love Yourself and #ENDviolence UNICEF campaign promoter.
Property, rights and logos belong to Big Hit Entertainment
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We do not directly own the rights and property of our physical merchandise, as we act as a middle man partnering with BTS merchandise manufacturers to provide our customers with quality items for the purpose of serving BTS fans and independently supporting UNICEF causes. Our goal is to work together with Big Hit Entertainment in the future to provide directly licensed merchandise.